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We support companies and professionals worldwide with personalized interdisciplinary legal consultancy in industrial and intellectual property, safeguarding your ideas, uniqueness, and value. We offer tailored assistance based on your specific needs, taking a proactive and strategic approach, addressing often-overlooked client concerns through our global network of qualified professionals and local agents.

Areas of Expertise

Patents and Utility Models 

We offer services for patent registration, searches, and legal advice to help clients develop effective patenting strategies. 


We safeguard your brand’s reputation and economic value with a full range of trademark services.

Models and Designs

We assist clients in protecting their rights by helping them identify what can be protected and focusing on their project from an IP perspective.

Designaton of Origin

We specialize in safeguarding products with geographical indications, ensuring compliance and protection.


We protect your valuable business know-how and confidential information, providing a competitive edge.


We enhance the value of your creative works across various fields, providing copyright protection and support, from deposit to infringement assistance.

Domain Names

We offer services in the domain name and technology law area, including domain name registration, trademark surveillance, and assistance in ADR procedures.

New Tech and Privacy

We specialize in new technologies, data governance, GDPR compliance and digital contracts.

Protection and Reputation

We help clients protect their online reputation, offering advice on intellectual property rights, online protection, policy drafting, and crisis management.


We empower companies with effective advertising strategies, including Pay-off use assessments,
Pay-off registration with IAP, and guidance on law compliance.

Innovation enhancement

We help companies determine the market value of intangible assets, essential for transactions, transfers, funding requests, and tax benefits.

Legal Assistance

We offer legal support in various areas, covering contract negotiation, preparation, and execution
for a wide range of agreements.


We assist clients in intellectual property disputes, including anti­ counterfeiting measures, customs monitoring, administrative defense, and litigation.


We offer legal support in health law, including authorizations, contracts with public entities, facility
agreements, advertising and regulatory notifications.

Patents and Utility Models

At our firm, we recognize the value of patents in preserving innovation and gaining a competitive edge. We handle invention and utility model patents, protecting the technical aspects of your new and original products or processes.

Our services encompass drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications at the ltalian, European, and international levels (PCT). We conduct patent searches, provide legal advice on validity, freedom to operate, and non-infringement, assisting you in crafting a patent strategy aligned with your technical plans and budget.


We understand that trademarks are pivotal intangible assets for elevating a company’s standing. Properly managing them is essential for safeguarding the company’s reputation and economie value.

We offer a range of services to support clients in strategically enhancing and protecting their trademarks, including availability searches, application filing, oppositions, surveillance, customs support, portfolio evaluations, and assistance in developing innovative brand portfolio management strategies.

Models and Designs

By registering designs and models, we help companies safeguard the visual appeal of their products. Protecting a product’s aesthetic value is crucial, often influencing consumer choices.

Our team assists clients in securing their rights, guiding them in what’s eligible for protection and evaluating project strengths and weaknesses from an intellectual property perspective.

We offer preventive analysis, registrability opinions, and handle model registration in both domestic and international contexts, ensuring post-registration protection as well.

Designation of Origin

With Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication, we ensure protection for products with specific quality traits linked to their geographical origin. The production must adhere to stringent rules for this designation.

Leveraging over a decade of experience in Denominations of Origin and Geographical Indications, we guide clients in analyzing and evaluating actions to safeguard their products and address potential infringements.


We understand that know-how encompasses a wealth of confidential and proprietary information, forming the foundation of a company’s economic value and competitive edge.

Our firm specializes in safeguarding this invaluable knowledge, ensuring the protection of confidential information, including both know-how and proprietary commercial and technical insights, far our clients.


We recognize that copyright significantly boosts the value of your creative endeavors, whether you’re an artist or a company working in various fields like literature, music, design, and more.

Our firm is here to offer friendly and comprehensive advice to help protect your intellectual work. We handle a range of tasks, from registering your works to providing assistance in case of infringement, including deposits at SIAE and support for international registrations and software protection.

Domain Names

Domain names play an increasingly vital role in connecting companies with web users and serving as their virtual space on the web. Our firm specializes in providing a range of consulting and legal services, particularly in the field of new technologies law, with a strong emphasis on safeguarding industrial property rights on the Internet.

Some of our key services include conducting prior art searches and registering domain names, providing surveillance services to detect unauthorized trademark use online, and offering assistance in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures.

NewTech and Privacy

The advent of the Internet has ushered in profound changes in society, offering access to a multitude of online spaces and activities. However, this transformative technology operates under precise rules and regulations governing various aspects.

Our assistance encompasses a wide array of services, including expertise in new technologies (blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, Web 3.0 AI), data governance, GDPR and privacy compliance, social media and advertising contracts, as well as consultancy related to buzz marketing and e-commerce.

Brand Protection and Reputation

Self-branding involves leveraging intangible assets to enhance reputation and increase profitability, reflecting the growing trend of the reputation economy.

Our firm specializes in offering advice on online reputation management and brand protection, covering online safeguarding and intellectual property rights.

We also provide support in policy development and crisis management to assist our clients effectively.


Advertising is vital for companies, enabling them to achieve their marketing goals by creating a positive image and gaining consumer acceptance through strategic efforts. Our firm is here to support you in this area, offering a variety of services.

We provide research and guidance on Pay-off usage, assist with Pay-off registration at the Institute of Self-Regulation Advertising (IAP), and offer legal advice to ensure compliance with advertising laws.

Innovation Economic Enhancement

For any company, gaining insights into the market value of intangible assets is a must. These assets hold significant importance during important transactions, transfers, financial dealings (like private equity funds), or tax considerations (such as Patent Box).

At our firm, we’re dedicated to helping our clients enhance the value of their intangible assets, providing a substantial competitive edge in the market.

Legal Assistance

At our firm, we offer a wide range of legal services, both in and out of court, across various legal domains, with a strong focus on Intellectual Property and new technologies.

Our expertise covers everything from preparing, revising, negotiating, and executing contracts, including license agreements, industrial property rights transfers, know-how and technology transfers, copyright agreements, and a variety of national and international commercial contracts, such as distribution, supply, sub-contracting, licensing, agency, franchising, leasing, loans, consulting, maintenance, NDA agreements, and sales general conditions, as well as IT/IP contracts.


Our commitment extends to supporting clients in both judicial and extrajudicial matters related to the protection of their intellectual property. Intellectual property is strongly connected to anti-counterfeiting efforts, where legal tools are used to safeguard industrial property rights and combat counterfeiting, which poses significant risks to companies.

Our assistance includes customs monitoring, preparation of customs action applications, defense in administrative and legal proceedings at national and international levels, and expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution and litigation.


Within the realm of health law, our firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services. We specialize in authorizations, accreditations, and contracts with public authorities, including contracts related to healthcare facilities.

Additionally, we offer guidance on health advertising and support with notifications for the marketing of food supplements and specific foods. Our goal is to assist our clients in navigating these legal intricacies with expertise and efficiency.

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